Considering  a 2 cell 18650 LiIon battery pack solution? After design considerations for temperature extremes, cycle life, and cost, a single cell solution from Boston Power may be your best solution!

The 2 cell 18650 LiIon battery pack is a common solution for many OEM applications. But with careful consideration Boston Power’s single cell Swing 5300 or Sonata 5300 may ultimately be a better solution.


Boston Power Swing 5300 / Sonata 5300

•  Both solutions are 3.6V with overall capacity 5.3Ah ( 18650 cells strapped in parallel)

•  Both the 2 cell 18650 pack and the single cell Swing 5300 and Sonata 5300 fit in the same mechanical package

•  Boston Power offers wider temp range:  Storage Temp   -40 to +60 C

                                                                    Operating Temp:  Charge -20 to +60 C

                                                                    Discharge  -40 to +70 C

•Boston Power offers greater cycle life:   100% DOD  > 1,000 cycles

                                                                  90% DOD  > 2,000 cycles

                                                                  80% DOD  > 3,000 cycles

Cost is comparable, and at times lower than, 2 18650 cells. This is a function of volume, safety circuit needs, pack configuration, and other factors.

Some applications really like the simplicity of a single Sonata 5300 or Swing 5300 with the added feature of greater temperature range and increased cycle life.

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