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LTM Sales, Inc. represents companies that offer a vast array of products and solutions to your needs.

Whether you are producing prototypes, innovative products, or common off the shelf solutions for your customers, we can help you find the products you need.

We currently represent:

  • Coilcraft
    • Power Inductors and Power Magnetics
    • RF Magnetics
    • High Temp / AEC-Q200 Qualified Products
    • EMI / RFI /LC Filter Products
    • Broadband Magnetics
  • Coilcraft CPS
    • RF Chip Inductors
    • Power Inductors
    • Air Core Inductors
    • Filters and Baluns
    • Power Transformers
    • RF Transformers
    • High-Temperature Coils
    • Power Magnetics
    • Custom Designs
    • Component Screening
  • Croven Crystals
    • AT Crystals
    • FC Crystals
    • IT Crystals
    • SC-cut Crystals
  • C&S Sales / DuMont: Custom Bags, Pouches, and Cases for all your OEM Needs
  • Excell Battery
    • Lithium Ion: Panasonic, Sanyo, Boston Power, Molicel, Shenzhen BAK Battery, UltraLife, Saft
    • Lithium Primary:  Electrochem, Tadiran Batteries, Engineered Power, Vitzro Cell, Exium Technologies, Saft
    • Nickel Metal Hydride:  Panasonic, FDK
    • Nickel Cadmium: Sanyo
    • Sealed Lead Acid:  Panasonic, EnerSys
    • Alkaline: Panasonic, Energizer

Our comprehensive solutions include portable equipment, RF communications, Inductors and Battery Powered Applications.  Each of LTM Sales product lines provides a vast array of benefits to you as you look to locate just the right component for your projects.