Logo for Polytronix LCD Displays and Touchscreens

Established in 1980 and for more than 25 years, Polytronix has been an innovator in the design, manufacturing and marketing of liquid crystal displays (LCD) and assemblies.

As a US-based company in Richardson, TX, Polytronix manufactures LCD displays and related products to satisfy today’s demands of both industrial and consumer electronics industry customers in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Polytronix is now one of a total of two companies that still produce monochrome LCD’s in North America. Polytronix’s services, joined with Asian facilities’ high production capabilities, create a vendor relationship that is most advantageous for its customers.

Polytronix displays are used in a variety of applications, providing an interface between an electronic device and its user in the form of a visual output, medical equipment, aviation and aerospace instruments, marine and automotive gauges, industrial controls, timers and clocks, test equipment, data processing equipment and defense related products.

Custom design capabilities give Polytronix the ability to develop and produce such innovative products as twisted nematic displays, dichroic displays and polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC).

With our (ISO-9000 and ISO-14000 certified) Asian facilities, Polytronix offers an extremely broad range of standard or custom designed TN, STN (Super Twisted Nematic), FSTN (Film Super Twisted Nematic), PMVA, DSTN (Double Super Twisted Nematic) LCD panels and fully functional modules, providing dot matrix A/N characters or full graphics capability. Along with monochrome technology Polytronix offers TFT displays and Touch Screens.

Polytronix LCD Displays & Touchscreens’ basic product lines include:

  • Graphic
  • Character
  • COG Modules
  • Custom