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Polytronix Bistable / E Ink LCD displays offer extremely low power options for battery applications. What is an EPD? An Electronic Paper Display is a display that possess a paper-like high contrast appearance, ultra-low power consumption, and a thin, light form. It gives the viewer the experience of reading from paper, while having the power of updatable information. EPDs are a technology enabled by electronic ink – ink that carries a charge enabling it to be updated through electronics. Electronic ink is ideally suited for EPDs as it is a reflective technology which requires no front or back light, is viewable under a wide range of lighting conditions, including direct sunlight, and requires no power to maintain an image. Offered in segmented and active matrix displays!

Standard and Custom Polytronix E-Ink Displays

Standard and Custom Polytronix E-Ink Displays

Custom Designs Available: 

E Ink Sample Displays

Custom Polytronix E-Ink Displays

 Driving Method:  Static

 Segments:  Up to 32

 Size: Up to 4 Inches

 Tooling Related:  PCB or ITO pattern mask and FPC


Standard Product Available:

Standard Polytronix E-Ink Displays

Standard Polytronix E-Ink Displays

        Size                              Resolution

  1.73 Inches                320 (H) X 240 (V)

  1.54 Inches                300 (H) X 200 (V)

  2.10 Inches                172 (H) X 72 (V)

  2.90 Inches                128 (H) X 296 (V)

  2.04 Inches                180 (H) X 75 (V)

  3.50 Inches                600 (H) X 360 (V)

  4.30 Inches                480 (H) X 800 (V)

  4.70 Inches                540 (H) X 960 (V)

   5.17 Inches                540 (H) X 960 (V)

   5.00 Inches                800 (H) X 600 (V)

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