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Coilcraft offers planar transformer families to 300 watts. Flyback transformers that meet IEEE 802.3at-2009 standards. POE designers looking to on-board power with higher sending power (PSE) and high current in -48V systems Coilcraft has the transformer to meet your needs!

Figure 1 Coilcraft POE300F 30 Watt Flyback Transformer that meet IEEE 802.3 at 2009 Standard for PoE applications and Planar Magnetics

Coilcraft POE 300F Flyback Transformers


Signal Path Magnetics
High Power PoE Signal Path Magnetics (HPF2187L, HPX2126L)
Midspan PoE Plus Magnetics (FA2536)
PoE Plus Interface Module for 2P cabling plants (ETH1-230)
PoE Plus Interface Module for 4P cabling plants (ETH1-460) 


Transformers for Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE)
For Linear Technology:
LTC4264 PD Controller and LTC4263-1 802.3at PSE Controller (ETH1-230)
For ST Microelectronics:
STE12PS PSE Power Controller (DA2420-AL, DA2421-AL)
For Texas Instruments:
Midspan PoE Plus Magnetics for TPS2384, TPS23750, TPS2377 (FA2536-AL)
 Transformers for Powered Devices (PD)
Standard Designs
30 W Forward Transformers (FCT1-xxD3SL)
30 W Flyback Transformers (POE300F)
25 W Forward Transformers (FCT1-xxM22SL)
3 W, 7 W and 13 W Flyback Transformers (POE30P, POE70P, POE13P)
6 W and 13 W Flyback Transformers (POE60F, POE13F)
6 W Miniature Flyback Transformers (POE60C, POE60D)



LPD5030V Flyback Transformer

Coilcraft LPD5030V Series 1:1 Flyback Transformer offers1500 Vdc winding-to-winding Isolation


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