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Polytronix PMVA LCD technology with contrast ratios of 1300:1, wide viewing cones, and no life expectancy penalty (as compared to OLED) make Polytronix PMVA displays your clear choice.  


Polytronix Positive Mode PMVA


OEM design engineers are always looking for that customer interface that looks and stands out from the rest. Polytronix PMVA monochrome technology is that product! Features include: 

•  Contrast ratios of 1300:1

•  TN technology with no restriction on life (like OLED)

•  Customizable

•  Approximate 20% cost adder over TN monochrome non color

•  Wide viewing angle

•  No extra tooling cost for PMVA technology

PMVA Field Sequential 6-19-14

Polytronix Color PMVA Field Sequential Display

PMVA 8-21-14 #5

Polytronix Monochrome PMVA Field Sequential Display

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