Looking for tools to optimize your power magnetics, RF inductor design, common mode and LC filters, and matching magnetics for your IC? Coilcraft is your solution!

Are you looking for design support for your battery, battery pack, charger, and power conversion circuits?  Excell Battery is your solution!

Perhaps you need a high quality, customized carrying case, bag, or pouch for your product? Dumont is your solution!

Whether you are striving to optimize your electrical circuit, battery performance, or the packaging of your product LTM Sales is your solution! Our design tools will successfully assist you in optimizing any size, weight, efficiency, cost and aesthetic requirements.


The following are links to the Coilcraft website’s design tool webpages.  They will open in a new browser window:

Power Magnetics Tools

RF Inductor Tools

CM Filter Finder Tool

LC Filter Designer

IC / Inductor Matching Tool

Coilcraft’s Design Support Tools webpage