Coilcraft’s XEL4012, XEL4020, and XEL3515 are the smallest high current inductors yet! Optimized for high frequency applications they offer the lowest AC losses at high frequency range ( 2 to 10 MHz ). Starting at only 3.5mm square and 1.5mm height they are perfect for space constrained designs.

Coilcraft XEL4014, 4012, 4020, and 3515 Series

Mechanically rugged and magnetically shielded for use in high density circuits. Each XEL style offers unique performance benefits optimized for high frequency applications.

  • Offers lowest inductance values for high frequency applications (starting from 0.072 µH)
  • Lowest AC losses at high frequency range (2 to 10 MHz)
  • Highest current handling
  • Soft saturation characteristic to withstand high current spikes
  • Very low DCR
  • No thermal aging issue and perfect for high temperature application

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