Coilcraft’s newest high frequency power inductor XEL4012, XEL4020, and XEL3515 are optimized for applications from 2 MHz to 10 MHz. Offering lower L values that are pertinent to high frequency operation and as well existing L values with extremely low DCR ( as low as 2.5mOhm ).



Coilcraft XEL40XX Series Power Inductors


  • Extremely low DCR (as low as 2.5 mOhms) and ultra-low AC losses provide high-efficiency across a range of frequencies (2 to 5+ MHz)
  • Inductance values as low as 92 nH – also optimized for high frequency operation
  • Superior current handling (up to 28.5 Amps) with soft saturation characteristics
  • Measure just 4.0 mm square with maximum heights as low as 1.2 mm
  • Models qualified to AEC-Q200 Grade 1 (-40°C to +125°C) standards, making them ideal for automotive and other harsh environment application
  • XEL4014: AEC-200 Grade 1 qualified (−40°C to +125°C ambient)
  • Designed for high temperature applications
  • RoHS-compliant, halogen free. 260°C compatible. Tin-silver (96.5/3.5) over copper terminations
  • COTS Plus tin-silver-copper and tin-lead terminations available

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