Coilcraft’s 0402DF ultra-miniature inductors are fully optimized for RF choke and filtering applications. They offer the industry’s lowest DCR in a 0402 chip size ( 30% lower than the nearest competitor! ) With inductance range values up to 3300 nH you will achieve excellent impedance characteristics in the communication frequency bands ( 700 MHz to 2.7 GHz ).


Coilcraft’s 0402DF Chip Inductors

The 0402DF Series is offered in 25 inductance values ranging from 20 to 3300 nH, with a 5% tolerance for all values. It offers the lowest DC resistance currently available in a 0402 package. For example, the DCR of the 220 nH value is 0.240 Ohms – 55% lower than the same value in Coilcraft’s 0402AF Series – making it fully optimized for use as a harmonic filter element for NFC applications.

0402DF Series inductors can also be used as a filter element in bandstop and low pass filters, a one-pole filter or RF choke in cellular bands, and for ground-to-ground isolation. They feature a ferrite construction for high current handling and RoHS 6/6-compliant matte tin over nickel over silver-palladium-glass frit terminations.


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