Coilcraft’s newest 0201HL wire wound chip inductor offers the highest inductance available in a 0201 package. Optimized for impedance matching in 700 MHz and 5 G applications with Q factors that are twice that of thin-film multilayer inductors.

Coilcraft 0201HL Wire Wound Chip Inductor







  • Optimized for LTE Antenna matching in 700 MHz LTE and 5G applications
  • Twice the Q factor of thin-film multilayer technology up to 62 at 2.4 GHz
  • Higher inductance values from 22 to 51 nH 
  • 0201 size – 0.58 × 0.46 × 0.45 mm high
  • RoHS Compliant, halogen free. 260°C compatible. Matte tin over molybdenum-manganese
  • Coilcraft Designer’s Kit C475

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