Coilcraft’s latest 0805HP RF chip inductor offers the highest Q values in a 0805 wire wound package at frequencies up to 3 GHz. Available in 23 inductance values from 2.6 to 820 nH. The 0805HP also offers excellent current handling and low DCR ratings.

Coilcraft 0805HP





  • Our highest Q factors in an 0805 form factor
  • Excellent current handling and low DCR ratings
  • Inductance values from 2.6 nH to 820 nH
  • Tight tolerances – 2% for most
  • Wirewound construction for highest possible self resonance – up to 9.5 GHz
  • RoHS-compliant  260°C compatible. Silver-palladium-platinum-glass frit terminations.
  • COTS Plus tin-silver-copper and tin-lead terminations available

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