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LTM Sales represents Coilcraft which is a privately held company founded in 1946 as a custom coil maker for the television set manufacturers clustered around the Chicago area.  Coilcraft has the worlds largest wire wound magnetics offerings and offers magnetic components inluding high performance RF chip inductors, power magnetics, filters, transformers, POE magnetics, and air core inductors.

As a master distributor with a distribution center in Iowa, next day delivery for production, samples, and designer kits are a great benefit to you. LTM Sales is confident in meeting and exceeding your expectations for service, quality, and dependability. Today Coilcraft produces inductors for a long list of customers in telecommunications, computers, instrumentation and consumer electronics. Many products are standard, off-the-shelf products. However, most are still custom designed to meet customers’ specific requirements.  With Corporate headquarters located in Illinois there are another nine plants in the U.S. and Mexico as well as production centers in Scotland, Taiwan, Singapore, China and Malaysia.

Coilcraft’s basic product lines include:

LTM Sales can also help by providing you direct access to several of Coilcraft’s useful online Design Support tools.  The following are links to the Coilcraft website’s design tool webpages.  They will open in a new browser window:

Power Magnetics Tools

RF Inductor Tools

CM Filter Finder Tool

LC Filter Designer

IC / Inductor Matching Tool

Coilcraft’s Design Support Tools webpage