Coilcraft’s latest and enhanced power inductor analysis tools make analyzing your application specific power inductor choices more productive than ever! With the industries most advanced tools you can have more data, dynamic data, and pertinent data to your specific converter design. Interested in finding out what these tools can do for you? Just hit read more!







Get the whole picture for your specific converter design and inputs                  

  1. On demand charts including: CCM waveforms for each inductor, inductance VS current, temperature rise VS Irms current, losses + temp rise, total loss vs Vin, total loss vs frequency, total loss vs ripple current
  2. See more data along with more dynamic and pertinent data for your specific application
  3. Get the whole picture of your specific converter design  and how that design is impacted by temperature rise, ripple current, and other parameters 
  4. Watch the free 15 minute webinar and learn about the suite of power inductors selection tools and what they can do you for you.                                                                                                                             

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