Coilcraft CPS high reliability magnetics span a wide range of extended temperature requirements. If your requirement is -55 C operating Coilcraft ML, MS, and SR series will be your solution. If your requirement is -55 C storage Coilcraft ST series will be your solution. Which Coilcraft solution is best for you? With Coilcraft you get to decide on the performance / cost best suited for your extended temperature needs!

 Which version of Coilcraft parts should you use?

MS Extended temperature applications: –55 to 155°C Ambient
Leach resistant tin-lead terminations

ML Extended temperature applications: –55 to 155°C Ambient

SR  Low temperature operating: –55°C up to 125°C Ambient
Extended qualification.  **  Fungal Inert 

ST / CP  Low temperature storage: –55°C up to 125°C Ambient
Extended qualification

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