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Looking for fungus inert magnetics to meet your program requirement Mil-Std-810F rating of 0? Coilcraft has you covered with their fungus inert chips, air core, and power magnetics.

Coilcraft CPS ( Critical Products and Services ) SR Series of chip inductors, air core inductors, and power magnetics meet Mil-STD-810 F method 508.5 for fungus inert requirements. You no longer need to spend thousands of dollars, time, and additional expense on an outside test lab to qualify parts to this standard.  Coilcraft has your fungus inert parts on the shelf and ready to ship! 

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Coilcraft CPS SR series currently fungus inert are the RF chip inductors (chip size: 0402 through 1206) and air core inductors.  Coilcraft’s SR Series of power inductors will also soon be fungus inert (contact LTM Sales for clarification and availability).  Additionally, Coilcraft has their own complete test lab facility and can perform additional fungus inert testing and approval on any passive component regardless if they are Coilcraft parts or not. 

Contact LTM Sales to receive your free fungus inert samples and designers kits today!