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Coilcraft CPS performs comprehensive laboratory testing of electronic components. In addition, Coilcraft CPS provides a wide range of services to help you determine the reliability of assemblies that you manufacture.


Coilcraft CPS Lab Services Equipment

Coilcraft CPS has announced a new product testing and validation service to help electronics manufacturers determine the reliability, repeatability and/or compliance of the electronic components and assemblies that they manufacture or procure.

Manufacturers of all types of electronic components and devices can utilize Coilcraft CPS’s advanced labs to complete sets of tests in accordance with established military, aerospace or medical industry standards and specifications, as well as specific tests designed to validate product performance against their own published electrical and physical specifications. Coilcraft CPS’s testing capabilities include vibration and mechanical shock, complete electrical testing, elemental analysis, radiographic inspection, thermal shock and cycling, and other environmental and analytical lab services. Screenings can be modified from an existing Coilcraft document or fully customized to meet a manufacturer’s specific needs.

Capabilities Include:

Electronics Testing

Simulated Environmental Performance Testing

Analytical Laboratory Services

Other Services

Test Fixtures

Customized COTS Solutions

Quality Management System

Complete information can be found here.

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