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Coilcraft’s RF Inductor Finder Helps Find Your Exact Requirements





With Coilcraft’s RF inductor finder tool, picking the perfect RF inductor just got easier! Coilcraft’s all-new RF inductor finder is the only web tool that lets you quickly find and compare inductors that will work under your true operating conditions.  


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PMVA Passive Matrix Vertical Alignment LCD Displays

Logo for Polytronix LCD Displays and Touchscreens

Polytronix PMVA LCD technology with contrast ratios of 1300:1, wide viewing cones, and no life expectancy penalty (as compared to OLED) make Polytronix PMVA displays your clear choice.   (more…)

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Two 18650 LiIon Cell Pack VS Boston Power Single Cell LiIon Solution


Considering  a 2 cell 18650 LiIon battery pack solution? After design considerations for temperature extremes, cycle life, and cost, a single cell solution from Boston Power may be your best solution!


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